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Friday, September 19, 2014

Bassinet Makeover...

Happy Friday! 
Miss Emma's due date is in less than 3 weeks but the doctor says she's safe to come at any time and very well may make her grand entrance at any time. *Fingers crossed*
I'm about to make the full transition to full-time Mommy and I couldn't be more excited!

Speaking of Emma (Which happens a lot now and I would say I'm sorry but... I'm not.), we finally figured out what to do about her bassinet. A couple of years ago (darn infertility), we found a bassinet at a garage sale for $5! It certainly wasn't the prettiest thing but I knew I could take the cover off, clean it once or twice several times, obsessively, and it would work perfectly. So, we bought it, took it apart, put it in our storage closet and forgot about it. Until April when we began thinking about the items we would need for our baby. We pulled it out and began the adventure of taking the cover off to wash it. It wasn't until then that we realized the cover was not easily removable. Whomever designed the thing apparently didn't realize that babies make messes, even in bed, and it would need to be washable. The cover was literally sewn and screwed on to the base. A fabric cover! Thomas and I were completely taken aback. We put it back in the closet because we were so frustrated and vowed to worry about it later.
The next thing we knew, I was 7 months pregnant. Crazy how time flies like that!
So, yet again, we pulled it out and began the adventure of figuring out what to do. 
The cover, at least, needed to be washed but I was also no longer crazy about the color or style of it. Thomas worked his amazing husband magic and managed to get the cover off. 

First idea: Give up and purchase a brand new bassinet.
Problem: I'm frugal and refuse to spend money on something, especially when I know I have a perfectly good item just within reach.

Second idea: Find a pattern and sew a brand new cover.
Problem: It is nearly impossible to find a pattern for a bassinet.

Third idea: Measure the bassinet and design my own pattern to sew a new cover.
Problem: I'm very new at machine sewing and quickly got overwhelmed with this task.

After lots of researching (way too much for something as small as a bassinet), Thomas and I decided to dye the current cover. 
Why on earth did it take us that long to figure out that option?
I don't wanna talk about it. 

We chose gray dye and had every intention of the cover being a gorgeous, elegant, dark gray. 
Alas, even 4 packages of dye couldn't get it gray. 
I have absolutely NO idea why. 
Anyway, we're actually much more pleased with the "accident" color that came out then we would have been with the gray so all is well in the Myers house. 
(I know you were worried.)

 Before the great attempt. We washed it, according to the dying directions so it's wet (and clean) here. 

Thank you Hobby Lobby. haha. We purchased 4 of these... and used them all!

So, then I added a row of white lace. I needed to add a touch of girly and it makes it look new!
Everyone keeps their bassinet in the kitchen, right?

That makes more sense... in our bedroom!

I think this picture really shows it off nicely. The original flowers still show up (which I LOVE) but the whole thing is lavender now, instead of the white with blue flowers. 
It's much more girly!

Don't you just LOVE that addition of the lace?!

So, there we are... one step closer to Baby Emma's arrival! 

Stay tuned! 
I have been in full-on nesting mode so everything is being taken out of cabinets and drawers and finding new homes! It's quite exciting... for me. I think Thomas is feeling like we just moved in again. He keeps asking, "Okay, now where did you put ____?" 
Oops. :)
I'm so lucky he's so understanding!
Emma's room is nearly finished. Every time I think I'm ready to do a post about it though, we find something else to change or fix. 
It will be perfect when... well, there's a baby in the bed! hehe

Have a splendid weekend!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Everywhere...

It's September which means I officially have Fall Fever!
And since I'm also nesting, I already decorated my house in full Autumn fashion. 
I seriously love FALL!

So, here are some pictures of my beautiful Fall decorations! 
We just got this buffet from Target & I'm obsessed with it!

Apple Cinnamon candle & Ceramic Pumpkin (Hobby Lobby)
Seriously, I've hidden pumpkins all over the house. Even the bathroom!
This gorgeous potpourri set came from Pier One. We bought it at the end of the season last year for $1.79!!!
Gorgeous, delicious smelling candles & charger from Hobby Lobby
Isn't that just gorgeous!?
And Sunflowers, of course. 
Because sunflowers are always a good idea.  

Stay tuned... Emma's nursery is complete and I'll be sharing all the details soon!

Happy Fall and enjoy the cooler weather (this 9 month-along preggo sure is)!

I should probably purchase stock in Hobby Lobby...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

4 Years...

To my dear, loving husband...

4 years ago, today, I walked down the aisle and watched your smile radiate the sanctuary. 
4 years ago, I said "I do" and meant it with every single bit of my being.
4 years ago, I cried as I said my vows to you.
4 years ago, I sang with you, the song you wrote for us, and laughed because you forgot the lyrics to the song you wrote!
4 years ago, I began the luckiest woman in the world because I became your wife. 
I became Mrs. Myers and in just a couple of short weeks, you'll make me a mother.

Our marriage is more than I ever could have imagined and your love is more than I deserve. 
You work SO hard for our family. And even though that means we don't see each other as much as we would like, it means that we can comfortably provide for our daughter and I get to stay home with her. Which is more than I ever thought possible. 

You're my dream. 
A Godly man who puts his whole heart into everything he does. 
 A man who I can be silly with but then turn around and have deep, serious, intellectual conversations with.
You make me laugh harder than I ever imagined possible and always apologize when you make me cry.
You have made it so I can trust men again and I never thought that would be possible.

Thank you for 4 wonderful years of marriage. 
Happy Anniversary, my love.

With all my Love,

 Cause, maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me. After all, you're my Wonderwall.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Chicken Wrap...

Thomas and I are on a wrap kick. We've been experimenting with recipes and having fun with different flavor combinations. 
Our favorite so far... Grilled Southwestern Chicken in a Spinach Tortilla!

You'll Need:
Spinach Tortillas
Grilled Chicken
Shredded Cheese

Slightly warm up the tortilla so it's soft. About 15 seconds did it for us. 
Add the shredded cheese (as much or as little as you like)
Warm your chicken (I did mine in the skillet but you could also eat it cold... it's completely cooked already)
Add chicken to tortilla
Add lettuce (we used an arugula mix)
Finally, top with a bit of ranch & Parmesan

Roll it tightly and serve immediately

This is the chicken we used... you could use any flavor or make grilled chicken fresh

 We really enjoyed this combination but you can certainly create your own unique flavors!
Any ideas to share? Comment below!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Office Remodel...

Are you ready to view the former most embarrassing room in my house? Think you can handle it? 
It was bad. I mean, seriously mortifying to share... bad.
You've been warned.

I told you it was bad. This room was our previous "guest room" but hardly anyone ever stayed in there. Probably because it was so creepy. Haha

But not anymore! 

Now, this room is my gorgeous home office! I love it! I can't get enough of it!
 This picture is before the pink paint! I also painted that shelf a lovely white. 
 There is a big, cushy, pink, wing chair in that corner now! I love curling up and reading there.
 Organization: Check
Personalization: Check
I LOVE my monogram on that shelf! In place of the flowers on the shelf, I now have my wedding bouquet there. It matches beautifully and makes me super happy!

I somehow don't have a good picture of my full desk but it's a great corner desk so I have lots of room to spread out when working on a project. 

Best part? Thomas added carpet! We purchased two HUGE rolls for only $10 at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore! It isn't glued down because we don't own his house but it doesn't move because Thomas did such a great job!

I love this room and get so much done while working in there. It's right next to the laundry room, Thomas' office and my craft room so I get tons done while moving around to the different rooms.

Hopefully, this helped to inspire you... grab a paint brush and attack a room!