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Monday, July 14, 2014

Bookcase Personalization...

We have been working so hard on Emma's nursery. However, every time we finish a project, we discover another that must be completed. That's okay though... we certainly don't mind making this room perfect for our miracle baby.
Today, we tackled a bookshelf. I plan on using the bookshelf for... well, books (duh!) but am also going to put some baskets (still looking for the perfect ones!) on a couple of the shelves for all of the little things that babies require. 
I can't believe how much room she already takes up and how much stuff she already has! She hasn't even been born yet! Haha. 

Anyway, this was a super fun project!
Everything in Emma's nursery, so far, is vintage but we just couldn't find a perfect bookshelf for the right price (aka. cheap) that would match perfectly. So, we decided to venture to Target and get creative. We purchased the large (5 shelf) white bookcase and decided to paint the back of it the same gray color that we used to make the chevron wall behind her crib. 
It looks amazing!!!!
I love the contrast in color of the dark gray and crisp white!
I also love that it was cheap and matches her room!
Shelf: $32.99 (-5% for using my debit RedCard)
Paint: Leftover from another project
Roller: Already owned
Installation and construction: Free (I have a wonderful hubby!)

Don't you just LOVE that chandler?!

Adjustable shelves so she can switch them up to work for her when she's older.
Now... to just find the perfect baskets.
Sounds simple enough. HA!

Happy Decorating!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Infertility Journey...

Thomas and I fell in love so suddenly that the people around us barely had time to catch up. Every major topic or issue that came up, we agreed upon. We know God made us for each other and we are so extremely blessed.
One of the main issues that we agreed upon was becoming parents. 
I have always known I was meant to be a mom and Thomas always wanted to be a dad so when my birth control (was on it to control my cycle) ran out the month we got married, we didn't get it filled again. We weren't necessarily actively trying to get pregnant but neither of us would have been upset had it happened. 
However, it didn't happen and it didn't happen and it didn't happen.
Eventually, we agreed that I should probably talk to my OBGYN and figure out what was going on. Since being off birth control, I had not had a period but was also not pregnant. I remember thinking, "the one thing that would complete my fairy tale and I'll never have it..." It was a horrible, lonely, empty feeling that I couldn't describe to anyone and most people simply don't understand if they've never experienced infertility. 

After about 10 months of trying to get pregnant, we decided to take a break. I didn't go back on birth control because it was obvious I didn't need it but we we not trying.
At that time, Thomas said, "If it's meant to happen, it will". 

In October of 2011, 1 year after getting married, we moved to Fayette. Once we felt established there in March 2012, we decided it was time to see an infertility specialist. My new OBGYN suggested a great one in Columbia and we made an appointment right away. It didn't take long for Dr. Arbushon to figure out I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and did a vaginal ultrasound to confirm. During the procedure, she said, "Wow... you have millions of cysts. No wonder you aren't having normal cycles." 
I immediately broke down. There was a real and diagnosable medical problem that was causing us to not get pregnant and it was all my fault. Thomas checked out completely normal so it was once again confirmed that we couldn't have a baby because of me
Shortly after that test, we learned about an organization in Kansas City - Kansas City Infertility Awareness Foundation (KCIA) that helps couples struggling with infertility learn about all of their options to build a family. They also build awareness about infertility for those who don't know about those struggles. They host a conference every April and so we attended for the first time in 2012. It was extremely enlightening and suddenly, we didn't feel so alone anymore. We met men and women struggling with infertility and heard from doctors and couples who made it to the other side. The conference changed our outlook on our infertility and gave us options. 
We went back to Dr. Arbushon and gave her permission to begin treatment. 
I was started on a drug called Provera (progestrone) to jump start my periods. The idea behind this drug was that my body didn't know how to have a period on it's own so basically, we needed to teach it how. I was told that after a couple of 5 day cycles (1 each month), my period should begin on its own. 
It didn't...
During this time, I was also diagnosed with endometriosis, which made getting pregnant even more difficult.
I was then started on Clomid. A woman is allowed 6 Clomid cycles (6 months) before the drug is considered no longer safe so I did all 6 cycles. And still no period on my own. That meant that my body wasn't ovulating. 
No ovulation = Zero chance of getting pregnant. 
 While on drugs that are supposed to cause ovulation, I had to have my blood drawn on the 21st day of my cycle to check for ovulation so I got to know the lab techs very well!

In 2013, we attended the KCIA conference again and believe it or not, learned even more than we had the year before. I never knew there was so much to learn about infertility!

I learned about a test, Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) where a doctor can test to see if your fallopian tubes are open. Dr. Arbushon agreed that should be our next step because if my fallopian tubes were not open, that would explain why I wasn't ovulating. 
The procedure is done in the hospital but I was able to go home right after and I knew the results immediately! We were thrilled to learn that my tubes were open and functioning properly.

Dr. Arbushon began Letrozole, in place of Clomid, to cause ovulation and after 2 months of it not working, she added a steriod. 
For the first time in my entire life... I ovulated!!!
Thomas and I actually celebrated with a nice dinner out when we received the results... it's the little things while you're dealing with infertility.

On December 21, 2013, we did our first treatment of IUI. We decided that since it was nearly $200 for the treatment, it would be our Christmas gift to each other. 
However, it didn't work. When I had my period in January, I cried for about 2 days. We knew we couldn't spend $200 on the treatment in January and I knew my body needed a break so we decided to take another break. We didn't decide for how long we would wait but we knew it would be a little while.
There are only so many negative pregnancy tests you can take before it starts killing you inside. 

On February 7, 2014, I took a pregnancy test. I had a procedure scheduled to see why my digestive system was giving me so much trouble and the nurse called to confirm the appointment. She asked if I could be pregnant and I actually laughed. She explained that I either needed to test at home or she would test me at the hospital before the procedure because the test can't be done if one is pregnant. 

I took the test, completely expecting a negative result, but was extremely surprised when it was POSITIVE!
I stared at the test for about 20 minutes before walking out of the bathroom and with a dumbfounded expression, announcing to Thomas "I'm pregnant"! 
The look on his face is something I will never forget!
I took him in to show him the test and we stared at it together before calling my doctor to schedule an appointment to confirm. 
She confirmed the following Monday and we drove to KC to tell our families. 

The past 3 years feel like such a blur of emotion. Reading over our infertility story brings so many emotions of pain and loneliness that I often avoid discussing the subject altogether. However, it was hearing other couple's stories and successes that kept me going so I want to provide that beacon of hope for others.

We are so excited to be parents!
Ms. Emma Lynn will be here in just 90 days!
We don't know for sure what the future holds but we definitely want to adopt someday and possibly foster children. We know that this baby is a true miracle and will never take her for granted. 

Please feel free to ask me questions. If you're a man and have questions, I can pass them on to Thomas. We women aren't in this alone and I would have been lost without Thomas' loving support during our struggles.

Blessings & Love,
I prayed for this child and the LORD granted what I asked of Him.
-1 Samuel 1:27-

Thursday, July 3, 2014

DIY Newborn Tutu...

Hey there beautiful readers!

I'm here with a super fun craft, made especially for my sweet baby girl!

A tutu! 
I hung it on Emma's crib (post coming soon!) & loved the way it looked!
I purchased all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby and spent less than $5!
I purchased 3 yards of tulle... pink, lavender, and white. I also purchased crocheted elastic (pictured below) and it made it super easy to tie the strips of tulle on! You could also use regular elastic but I've heard that it tends to flip up with the tulle on it so I'm confident the crocheted elastic is a better choice.

I plan to have Emma wear this tutu for her newborn pictures so I only cut 18" of the ribbon and then sewed the edges together. I hand-sewed this one but you could do it on a sewing machine as well, whichever is easier for you.
If it's too big, which it probably will be, I'll pin it.
 Once that was finished, I began cutting my tulle. Now, you can purchase rolls of tulle but I decided to purchase it in the fabric department, instead. At $1.29 a yard and using only about 1/2 yard per color, it was definitely the cheaper option!
I don't have any pictures of me cutting the tulle because it wasn't exactly easy to take a picture with a yard of tulle around me. haha. This is 1 yard of lavender tulle, cut into strips. This isn't an exact science. I didn't measure the strips because I wanted the shabby chic look. Basically, don't make the strips too thin or too thick. 

You'll then take a strip, fold it in half and loop it through one of the holes in the ribbon. 
Since I used 3 colors, I put the lavender in every 3rd hole. Followed it with the pink, in every 3rd hole and then the white. 
I only did one row but if you want it super full, you could do a 2nd row, above the first one. 
Once I got further along, I noticed the strips of tulle getting tangled, so I used an empty frame in my craft room and put the tutu around it. It worked like a charm!

Thomas was my special helper and held the tutu for me so I could take a picture. 
Oh, I also added a bow for a little extra cuteness... you can do so by simply treading the ribbon through the holes and tying the bow. 

It's already hanging in her closet!
Next up: a brown, orange and cream tutu for Thanksgiving!

Only 14 weeks until Emma's due date! I can't wait to meet my princess!

Happy Crafting, Friends!
I can definitely make one of these for you if you're not as crafty and would like me to! 
Message me!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Sweetest Things...

Life is good right now. Really good. 

There is something about warmer weather, leafy trees, green grass, and a clean house that just makes me have a different outlook on life. 

Thomas and I moved me into my new office yesterday. We took the old guest room, painted it PINK, added carpet (thank you Habitat for Humanity REstore), and truly made it mine. I'll share pictures when I feel it's perfect. Haha. I still have lots of organizing and nitpicking to do to make it perfect but so far, I'm extremely delighted with the outcome of our redesign. My desk is currently full of clutter and that is, of course, driving me crazy, but Thomas' office is now right next door and I LOVE that he's so close while we're both working!

Now, you may be asking yourself: 
How did they come up with a random extra room for her new office?

Well, our friends, Brenna and Michael, whom we had been sharing a house with for the past 11 months, moved out today into a home of their own. They moved back to Fayette so they could be closer to their jobs. The past year has been a wonderful, fun adventure of getting to know them better and laughing harder than we ever have before but it's important for their sanity that they be closer to work and we completely understand that!
We love and will miss them being so close but we are looking forward to the future.

A future with a new baby in our home (Just 18 weeks left), walking around in our underwear (What? It's true and you know it.) and redecorating (because you know how much I LOVE to redecorate)! 

We went to my OB today and Emma is measuring perfectly for 22 weeks. She moves all the time and Thomas and I make it a habit to sing to her often. She moves even more when we sing so we know that will be a soothing method when she arrives. We can't wait to get her home and share cute stories and pictures of her. Only 18 weeks to go!

Like I said earlier, I'll share pictures of all our projects soon! 


Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The shirts we made to announce the news. Everyone loved them!
Thomas and I will be welcoming a baby girl into our world! 
We found out yesterday, after she put up a bit of a fight to show us. The ultrasound tech finally had me move on my side and was able to tell right away.
She announced, "It's a GIRL!" and Thomas and I both began to cry... tears of incredible joy!
My mom and Claire got to be there with us too and share in our excitement. 

So, without further adieu...

Emma Lynn Myers 

I am 21 weeks along today so Emma should be joining our family in about 19 weeks. We'll keep you posted on her development... so far everything looks great!
Thank you for your continued prayers.

Blessings and Love,